Using Cooking String in Your Kitchen

Also known as cooking twine or butcher’s twine, cooking string is often used when tying meat to other food items such as stuffing. In many cases meats are sliced open and filled with a different substance. The cooking string is used to keep the original preparation together while cooking and is generally discarded after use. Those who enjoy preparing more complicated dishes have found that cooking string is a basic yet effective way to cook items that will be stuffed or made into a roll. Cooking string is generally available at most supermarkets and made from linen or cotton. Because it is used in cooking, butcher’s twine is never made from synthetic material and has to be constructed from non-toxic material. The use of cooking string […]

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Tying Up Flank Steak

Here is an absolutely fabulous primer on using cooking string to tie up a flank steak prior to throwing it on the grill. Watch and Enjoy!

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Cooking on a BBQ Burner

It’s that time of year again where barbecuing is on the agenda and sure to be one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. Part of enjoying the full pleasure of the activity and enjoying the tastiest food imaginable is making sure that your equipment is in good condition. Without a doubt, one of the most important components of any BBQ is the burner. With an improper burner, BBQ loses its flavor and can put quite a damper on any event. Do yourself a favor: before heading out to your favorite hot spot or any family gathering this year, run a routine maintenance check on your burner, BBQ parts and all other aspects of your machine. If you find that you burner is damaged, the […]

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How to Use Butcher’s Twine

Whether you are novice cook or an expert, cooking twin can be useful for preparing many different dishes. Those interested in making a more compact shape from homemade creations or certain forms of meat swear by the effectiveness of cooking string. Typically, the wings and legs of poultry are tied or trussed with this kind of string allowing all areas of the dish to be evenly cooked. Oftentimes, the string is accompanied by a needle that allows the cook to thread the cooking string anywhere on the dish they find necessary. The act of sewing the loose parts of meat together is called trussing and is a very common practice in some realms of cooking. Inexpensive cooking string is generally inedible and must be removed before […]

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